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What we do:
LiveFriday event planning: the Board runs a stall or activity at each Ashmolean LiveFriday event, aiming to engage an audience of students with the museum collections. As a Board Member, you will be part of the creative process: brainstorming ideas for the stall, helping to organize the activity in the run-up to the event, and being there on the night to enjoy the fruits of your labours.
Creative workshops: the Board also puts on independent creative events in the Museum, which in the past have included life drawing sessions and pottery workshops. Board members are encouraged to pitch any ideas that they have for future workshops at meetings, and a team from the Ashmolean will be on hand to help make them happen.
Talking Objects blog: the Board is responsible for a lively ‘Talking Objects’ blog, which publishes student responses to pieces in the Ashmolean collections. As a Board member, you’ll be able to approve and edit blog posts submitted by other students and, working with the Public Engagement Officer, you will help to organize themed object-handling sessions in the Museum to facilitate the writing of blog posts.
Voice opinions: The Board is called upon to give the student perspective on museum matters and planning.


Who we are looking for:
Enthusiastic undergraduates (1st and 2nd year) and postgraduates from Oxford University and Oxford Brookes.

Must be:
Digital Savvy

Have a can-do attitude
Love museums, art, and archaeology

Student Creative Board

Time Commitments:
Usually there are four Student Creative Board meetings per academic term, lasting around an hour and a half each.
Other than these meetings, Board members can expect to spend an additional 2 / 3 hours a week on Board business, particularly in the run-up to big events such as LiveFriday.

Interested? These are the questions you will be asked (Total application 500 words, allow 30 minutes):

Which Ashmolean activities have inspired you to apply?

An upcoming LiveFriday (museum late) theme is OneWorld, a celebration of the various religious festivals of light, and how devotees celebrate these events (e.g. Diwali, Winter Light, Solstice, Mawlid, Hannukah, Bodhi Day). Suggest a
workshop or an activity for the Student Board to run during it.

What IT or blog experience do you have?

 Describe an event or activity that you have organised.

Please write 100 words on your favourite object in the museum and why.

 Why would you like to join the Student Creative Board and what skills do you think you could bring to it?


Interested? Email: or download an application form HERE

DEADLINE: Friday 26th May 2017 5PM