Maralee’s poem


Maralee at the poetry workshop

Maralee at the poetry workshop

Maralee, one of the participants has kindly sent one of her poems that she wrote during the time she was coming to the workshops.

Here it is.




If eyes are windows to the soul, I peer inside to ask –

Soul, are you there?

What do you see?

What do you see out here?








What’s there inside you, soul?

Who’s in control?


Questions only you can see.

Questions only you can answer.

Questions only you can change.


What do you believe?

What is true?


Doors and windows everywhere –

Are they gateways to other souls

Or extensions of your own?


What do you see?

What do you believe?


Doors can bar, or be broken

Imprison, or liberate.

Do they protect, give us peace of mind

Or do they suffocate?


Doors to past, present, future

Which option will you use?

How powerful you are

You can always choose!


Windows can be closed and locked –

Let breath in, or out.

Are they hiding secrets

Providing soft barriers for growing hearts?


What do you believe?

What do you see?


See – that window opens!

See – that door’s ajar!

Kaliedoscopic changes

Reforming, near and far!


Colours brighten, dark recedes,

What light is thus set free!

Are you beginning to believe,

Believe what’s there to see?


Watch closely now, and

Know it is your right.

Create it now, choose it now,

And watch it come in sight


Colour in that bright new world –

Paint it, thought by thought.

By magic you create it –

All you’ve ever sought.


Hooray!  The future beckons

Just as you believed.

Revel in your brave new world,

Creator of all you see!


— Maralee Gibson

Oxford, Feb. 2016

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