Gallery 65: Beyond the Balcony

fanny and sophie (1)This week we installed the final artwork in Gallery 65 of the Ashomolean –   it was a week of excitement – as the installation began to take shape and we saw that it would work as we had thought, tension – as various technical snagging problems threatened to hold up the realisation, and eventually exhilaration as it all came together.

Here are some pictures of the team helping us, special thanks go to

Tiffany and AV

Tiffany with City AV Oxford – great job!

City AV Oxford for going way beyond the call of duty on Friday before the bank holiday weekend, – you saved the day! –

Cath          matthem and installation

and to Cath and Matthew from the curatorial team for bringing out the beautiful Manet sketches to hang next to the video portrait.

manet sketches

The lovely Manet sketches waiting to be hung

umbrella build

Delicate calibration of the moving umbrella


Mr Payne at the Ashmolean


Thanks so much also to Tim Payne our long-time collaborator and engineer extraordinary for the design and production of the umbrella sculpture mechanics –


and to brilliant Matt who stepped in to complete the install when Tim was laid up.


Andrew and the video portrait

tiffany and matt

Tiffany and Matt with the umbrella sculpture








Andrew Brown and Harry Phythian-Adams managed the installation despite having a delivery of extraordinarily large and precious display cases, for the same floor on the same day – no easy task!

tiff and xaa

Ashomolean director Xa Sturgis and Tiffany Black discuss the installation. Thanks to Graeme Campbell, Design for lovely panels he created

tiffany and sarah

Sarah and Tiffany


Sarah Mossop and Helen Ward, who have nurtured and encouraged the project from the start were invaluable this week, oiling the wheels and giving feedback and support.


Last September the gallery looked like this –

our proposal was to transform it to this:

mock up

To find out what it actually looks like now – come and visit!

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