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Could you work for AshLI?

Photo:Stuart Turner/The Classics Conclave (C) Ashmolean Museum

Photo:Stuart Turner/The Classics Conclave (C) Ashmolean Museum

The Ashmolean Latin Inscription Project is looking to recruit a part-time Postdoctoral Research Assistant to help create our Epidoc corpus, and other digital resources. Would you like to join the team?

Duties will include:

1. Creating an Epidoc corpus of the Latin inscriptions in the Ashmolean Museum, based upon research carried out by the project’s PI, including the adaptation of EpiDoc XSL stylesheets.
2. Creating digital images of the collection of Latin inscriptions in the Ashmolean via digital photography and Reflectance Transformation Imaging
3. Using EpiDoc tools to create resources for the visually impaired
4. Helping to maintain the Project website
5. Assisting in recording and editing podcasts.

The position has a fixed term contract for 13 months.The closing date for applications is 28 Feb 2014.

For a full description of the position, and how to apply, see here.

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