‘I didn’t think I could just come in here…..’

…. words by a student from Meadowbrook College, The Harlow Centre.

My first impressions of the museum were that the building looks amazing and lush with all the decorations. Many people went to the Ashmolean, also different schools, I thought it was amazing.

We first looked outside the building and it looked amazing. I had to draw a sketch of the museum and drop down notes to remember things and what I thought of the museum. We met the education officer who was called Nicola Bird. She was friendly and chatty. She showed us the inside of the Ashmolean Museum. Inside of the Ashmolean looked beautiful. She took us to see the painting and the other paintings around it. They are all just amazing and it shows us how different the painting was back then. Then we looked at the block where the students work will go up so everyone can see everyone’s work. Nothing will look more good that seeing young people’s work up in the Ashmolean Museum.

What I thought of the painting was how different it was to the copy we have. I thought the original looked brighter and there was bits that look completely different to the copy. For example, the balcony was much clearer and very green, also the texture of the painting was so amazing as it is many years old and you could see how he used his paint brush. The colours were so much in depth than the copy because in the copy it was all dark and bold but the original was more colourful.

Here is a photo of me and Nicola in front of the painting.

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