Seeing the painting through their eyes…….

Words by Dionne Freeman, Director of Meadowbrook College, The Harlow Centre.

dionneMeadowbrook students have had the unique opportunity to work with the Ashmolean this term. The project has involved visiting the painting in the museum, going behind the scenes at the Ashmolean and regular visits from the Museum to the school. These visits have enabled the students to build a really good relationship with Nicola where students have gained real insight into the museum and the painting. The art workshops at school have involved 3D canvases, large scale repainting and students modernizing the scene.

I am really proud of the students work and I know they are both surprised and inspired by their own interpretations of the painting. The time Nicola and the museum have invested has resulted in the students feeling a real sense of ownership and understanding of the work. Providing them with the confidence to access the museum and produce such unique responses, which has allowed us to see the painting through their eyes.

Here are just a few of the pieces the students have been working on …..

J redesign portrait


Creating a large scale painting, using a projected image of the portrait.



boxer Mlle c


I thought the sitter was wealthy and I wanted to show she was a strong woman through my interest in boxing.





blog post see through eyes 5


I extended my own version of the portrait ….. I drew also drew vines and hanging vines because it reminds me of my favourite animals, monkeys!

I slowly layered up paint, ink and graphite to create different textures and feelings. I wanted to take her out of her world and into a completely different one. I think I have changed the atmosphere and context.



Want to see more? Come and visit our exhibition at The Ashmolean (Education Studio Gallery) from 13 December to early January 2015.

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