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Hi, I’m Sarah Mossop and I’d like to introduce myself because I’ll be posting comments about the project from time to time. I’m working with the Ashmolean team as a freelance advisor on the project and have been involved from the start of the second phase with artists brook & black. I’ve worked on a lot of projects with artists in residence, supporting them in making new work alongside leading community workshops, and I’m especially excited to be working with brook & black again (if you haven’t already done so, do take a look at their previous work at: ). A project like this is a complicated process with lots of consultation meetings at the start (some of which you can see in brook & black’s photos), where we’re trying to ensure that everyone – the artists, the Ashmolean team including education, community, curatorial, programming and communications staff, and the community groups who are participating in workshops – has an opportunity to contribute to how the project develops.

It’s great to hear that the session with OYAP went so well. We’re hoping some of the young people on the Stepping Up programme will continue to work with us on Beyond the Balcony.

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