Manet is le homme ……

Listen to the Highfield rap!



Fanny is my namefinal cropped Mmle Claus
Manet is my game
Sitting here for hours
Upon my bootie powers

My corset is too tight
My bustle is too light
Manet is le homme
Who’s gonna paint it right

Up until now
All ze paintings are precise
Up until now
All ze painting have been nice

Manet came along
After listening to this song
He made a rash decision
And made impressionism

He messed with ze pigment
To represent le figment
of his imagination
And showed it to the nation

But I’m still stuck here
Upon this balconee
Been sitting here for decades
He didn’t even thank me

When they invent the colour television
Perhaps they’ll pick this song for
Franglaise Eurovision

(lyrics by Highfield students, Violin and Accordion by Arne and Isabel)

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