What would Mlle Claus wear?

What jewellery would Fanny Claus adorn herself in as she sat on her balcony in her fine clothes?

epic moustache fannyOver the last couple of weeks, Kate Coker came in to help us learn how to make jewellery pieces. Kate first worked with Manet’s portrait and the Ashmolean with the BOP (Budding Oxford Parents) group, based at the Roundabout Centre (Oct / Nov 2014 – look at previous posts).

Again, she supported the young people to make original jewellery pieces for Fanny that we will be displaying in the

Kate showing us our materials

Kate showing us our materials

Manet Community exhibition.

The young people engaged with the jewellery and, once again, demonstrated their talent for picking up new skills and eye for design. Their approach to art breaks down so many barriers: their sense of humour and unique view point give us opportunities to both view art with fresh eyes and a smile.

At times, the young people have lots going on, their illnesses becoming more / less present in the sessions. However, the

jewellery making2 jewellery 3 jewellery making jewellery 4

teaching team at Highfields are extremely skilled in facilitating alternative opportunities and groups to ensure the young people’s needs are accommodated and numerous options offered. Last week the young people had various options available to them and were making jewellery, editing the project’s documentary in the recording studio, teaching each other skills for their bronze arts award and sticking pictures, writing reflective comments and generally bringing their Arts Awards folders together. What a productive 2 hours!

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