‘I feel like the old me’

Mlle Cmusic 1laus, the sitter of Manet’s portrait was a professional musician. So, naturally, we invited our musicians back to support our sessions with YoungDementia UK.

Isabel and Arne came over 2 sessions, bringing their energy, experience, talents and wonderful instruments to the group. They took us on a journey. We were transported to 19th Century Paris so music 2we could feel the summer sun on our faces through to evoking personal memories from our past: childhood holidays in Ireland, camping holidays in Norfolk, memories of monsoon rain in Borneo and Singapore. Members of the group shared these wonderful memories and Isabel and Arne enhanced these with music.

The power of music and poetry really came home when we all recited a pmusic 3oem together: The Owl and The Pussy Cat. As the session facilitator, I sat their speechless at the powerful energy in the room as every member recited the poem perfectly. As the group recited,  delight and enjoyment spread on the faces in the room as words, learnt long ago, were recalled and enjoyed. It was amazing.

Isabel and Arne then helped the group create a musical collage, putting the sounds music 4of instruments from around the world to the poem. Such fun as we all collaborated to create a second collage together.

The music, words and instruments unlocked us all in the group. It was a very special end to a very special group.


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