I had never truly appreciated what I was looking at …..


Jacqui (left) has written this amazing post about her experience of working on Me, Myself and Manet. Thank you Jacqui!

What an experience right from Day one. A bit of an adventure, taking a step into real history. I had been before on my own, but had never truly appreciated what I had been looking at. Nicola really helped to put things more in perspective as we had our first tour and first glimpse of the painting. It was exciting to think that there was so much more to learn about this lady on the canvas. We created a collage collectively, so many ideas at work all at once, individual expressions in two sessions that went so quick because is was so much fun.

Then on week four, I was expecting to be bored, as we were introduced to two fab musicians that were very experienced in what they do, so inclusive and intuitive, engaging all of us to remember parts of us that perhaps were long forgotten, rhymes from childhood, holidays in the rain and camping. Poems were also created, simply from individual words and comments, so emotive. Then there was signing so simple, so effective and very enjoyable, something I thought I would never do or enjoy. So very grateful for helping me to remember to be open always.

The final day was a total culmination of all that we had learnt, felt, and sung, with music, and rhymes each playing and array of wonderful instruments everyone smiling and having fun. I did not know all the people in the group, but the final day seemed as if everyone had become one, a happy family, a wonderful memory, feeling thankful, excited to see our finished collage and all the lovely people I met once again.

It was all very interactive, between Nicola and the group, everyone was included, everyone was equal, everyone I am sure had fun, and last but not least of lunch was fab. Thank you to the Ashmolean too.

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