Workshops: Week 3

MIND circle

MIND Talking about poetry

This week we completed the third week of workshops with YDUK and MIND, having looked last week at the ‘room behind the balcony’ (an imaginative image of what supports or lies behind us)  for this week’s theme: ‘the person on the balcony’, we used poetry rather than imagery to  explore, very broadly, a sense of what is important to who we are now – expressing ourselves through words.

YDUK constructing poem iii

YDUK Concentration and creativity


We listened to  Baudelaire’s poem, The Balcony, and read aloud some favourite poems before starting to create our own works.


Combining words the Bowie way

YDUK Combining words the Bowie way




We used a method inspired by Dada, William Burroughs and David Bowie of cutting up fragments of other poems and recombining them to start ideas and freedom of thought, through which intuition allowed a beautiful range of thoughts and memories to emerge.



MIND finding the right words

MIND finding the right words

We were all surprised by the intensity, humour and humanity that came through the works…really beautiful.





We had a lovely french-themed lunch afterwards and tried to imagine we were in a vineyard under clear blue sky, and talked about our poems and our lives.

YDUK enjoying french-themed food

YDUK enjoying french-themed food

We made a poetry wall of the lovely works.  These works will be used in the final video ‘Beyond the Balcony’ that both groups are working towards.

MIND poetry wall

Thanks again everyone who came to the workshops (must mention Tess from OYAP on Friday who did a wonderful reading of  Edward Lear’s The Owl and the Pussycat) we were really moved by the works and excited by the way all the participants are giving such great creative energy into the process. See you next week!

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