Workshops: Week 4


YDUK: looking at portraits together

YDUK: looking at portraits together

We were back up in the galleries this week, again wonderfully assisted on Friday by Tess, from OYAP, and there were cameras everywhere on Friday as well, as Sam Hamper a filmmaker was with us making a video about the whole Portrait of Fanny Claus project.

Sam Hamper documents us as we work

Sam Hamper documents us as we work


He was video-ing us as we were making digital video  of all the participants and they were making photo portraits of each other and choosing some portraits in the collection to re-frame and look at again.

2016-01-26 11.39.42*

“Stage direction” with YDUK participants

We set up a Greenscreen in the Sickert gallery, so that we could take short video sequences of everyone, that will be digitally added to the final video work, which is now beginning to take shape.

dramatic flair

dramatic flair


While we shot the video, those being filmed had to imagine they were on the balcony, and direct their gaze to whatever scenes they imagined lay in front of them.

MIND: imagining the scene

imagining the scene

2016-01-29 11.56.44*

re-framing images from the collection


Meanwhile back in the next-door galleries participants were taking portraits of each other and re-framing favourite faces from the collection.


MIND: in the gallery taking portraits

a striking profile portrait


A lovely portrait of Nicola in the gallery.



The workshops were very lively, with other groups of visitors to the gallery moving about, all interested in knowing about our project and what we were filming.

a new portrait from old

creating new portraits from the collection’s images




Next week we’ll be storyboarding the final video, using the clips of everyone on the balcony, the interiors they’ve visualised behind them (week 2), the views they imagine in front of them (taken from the Ashmolean collection or their own photos from home)  and the poetry they have written (week 3) and words they have spoken during their time here.

a conversation of the "balcony"

A conversation on “the balcony”

In this last coming workshop we’ll also try to video one or two people who didn’t make it this week, to make sure they appear on the balcony:  so make sure to come for the final week!  Thanks again for such a fun and creative workshop this week!



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