The installation is up and running


We’re really pleased to that the two films made by YDUK and MIND with us as a result of the workshops earlier this year are now up and running in the Education Foyer at the Ashmolean.  On the evening of Live Friday (13th May) the two films will run one after the other and be projected large in the main museum space – so we’re really looking forward to them seeing them there too.

video projection

a snap of the final double video installation – come and see it in the Education Foyer!


A chosen view collaged with the balcony motif from Fanny Claus’s portrait


Greenscreen of Liz and LIz during YDUK workshop


early digital

Early digital sketch of the collaged video


Dave working on the animation of text

dave pub

A lovely job – thanks Dave

With the wonderful help of Dave Farnham over the last few weeks we have assembled the videos as the groups directed, using their artwork, poems and photographs as the content of the videos.

Accompanying the films is a collage of sounds collected from the workshops, of the voices of all the participants as they went through the creative journey, along with other sounds and textures from the project.  We were really impressed with the work that came out of the workshops, and we both enjoyed working with all the participants so much.

Tell everyone to come and visit!

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