Calvin’s painting + new painting group


During the workshops Calvin brought in a great painting he made of Berthe Morisot from Manet’s ‘The Balcony”, which is in the Musee D’Orsay the background reminded us of Van Gogh’s brushwork also!

It’s a vibrant work, full of intense colour and life, and there’s more news as we heard that the MIND group, inspired by the work done for ‘Beyond the Balcony’ are starting their own new ‘Impressionist Painting’ group with ongoing meetings at Cowley Road.

We (brook & black) missed seeing everyone and working in the workshops this week, really sad the workshops are over!…but are happy to be surrounded by the results as we work with the images and words the workshops produced, to bring them together into the video sequences that all the participants designed in the last workshop.

We’re thinking of you all – see you soon!


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