Following the acquisition of a painting by William Dobson set during the Civil War, The Museum is creating a new app for use by families and secondary school students. It will take people on a walking tour from the Ashmolean and its Civil War related objects around the city to visit key sites in Oxford linked with the Civil War.

The CREATIVES helped to edit the scripts which actors will use in some short films which will be on the app. Everyone agreed that taking a light-hearted approach would make the tour more interesting and enjoyable for the participants so shared ideas for clues and multiple choice questions for the app.

For example…..

What is written inside the scroll Prince Rupert is holding?

a. A design for a new hairstyle.

b. A recipe for roast pigeon with all the trimmings

c. Nothing.

Answer-c.  Nothing! 

Royalist Prince Rupert had lost Bristol in a battle and was in disgrace. King Charles I sent him a blank scroll to compose his confession of guilt. He was so adamant that he was innocent that he sent it back to the King empty.  Charles I appreciated this gesture and eventually Prince Rupert was reconciled with the King.

America’s Cool Modernism…. coming soon….

We  started to plan our ideas for a Summer Live Friday based around America’s Cool Modernism exhibition which opens on 23rd March. Taking inspiration from the stunning paintings in the exhibition, we planned and tried a collage activity to see how we could make it work for visitors on the night. Watch this space for more information about the event in the Summer!

Next meeting 24th February 10- 12 in the Education Studio. Come and join us as we meet Curator Paul Collins and hear about the Ancient Near East gallery and its collections then plan new activities for drop-in visitors aged 11- 18.




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