Printing and Book Binding Workshop

Artists Ellen Love and Lauren Baldwin ran two fantastic workshops teaching us about printmaking and bookbinding. Taking inspiration from William Dobson’s painting created during the Civil War in Oxford at the Ashmolean, we gathered textures and fabrics to make mono prints on paper. We were shown how to fold and cut paper into 15 equal squares for our final book’s pages. 

Ellen demonstrated mono printing and we worked with blues, rich burgundy reds and black inks to create a final piece of work to send through the printing press. Printing from the remaining plastic sheet provided equally stunning results.

Cutting the paper 

Lauren showed us alternative ways of cutting our sheet of prints to create different fold out books. She took us through the process of creating a beautiful concertina book with hand marbled covers, tied with a ribbon. Lauren also showed us the stunning range of hand made books she has created including stitched fabric books containing collages of textiles to others made from maps and other pieces of her artwork. We all went away inspired to try these new techniques and make books for ourselves.

 We were all thrilled with the final, completed books to take away. Thank you Lauren and Ellen for your inspiring session!

arrange  pieces

ink with a roller



use the printing press to create a print

cut the finished piece to create a concertina shape



bind in a hand made book tied with a ribbon






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