Fresh takes on Ancient Rome with the Sutton Scholars


What does it feel like to hold a Roman sling bullet?

What can we learn about the Romans from a little lump of terracotta?

How can cartoons bring ancient Rome to life?

What was a Roman funeral really like?

These are some of the questions we’ve been exploring with our Sutton Scholars. We’ve teamed up with Warwick University’s Sutton Scholars programme  to give a lively group of students a taste of university-style learning and to experiment with some different ways of getting to know the Romans.

Choice words on mock sling bullets

Choice words on mock sling bullets

Along the way, we’ve been behind the scenes at the Ashmolean to handle real Roman objects. Scholars have learned enough Latin to insult each other on sling bullets and read Latin inscriptions for themselves. They’ve critiqued our Roman funeral video and had a go at doing a better job writing eulogies


Real Roman objects at a special Ashmolean Museum handling session.

Scholars picked out an object from the AshLI catalogue at the beginning of the project to research in-depth. They’re working on a giant poster and a presentation to show it off. We can’t wait to see what they’ve come up with.

P.S. Sutton Scholars: if you’re reading this, the comments are a great place to pick our brains and ask for tips!

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