It was lovely to see how proud they all were of their work.

Carol has kindly written some reflections on her (fantastically helpful) involvement in the project. Carol supported the young people and was invaluable in her contribution and how she encouraged the young people to participate, have a go and enjoy themselves. Thank you Carol.

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I feel truly privileged to have been involved in this project. Right from the beginning Nicola, Catriona and all of the other guest facilitators injected an irresistible enthusiasm into each of the sessions and really engaged everyone. Their organisation was meticulous throughout and they were amazing with the young people, navigating some tricky and difficult moments with such sensitivity and understanding.
The activities were such that all of the young people felt comfortable and confident to get involved, have a go and try new skills in an extremely supportive environment. Their resilience and honesty still amazes me and makes me look at things in ways I’ve never even thought of! It was lovely to see how proud they all were of their work.
A special mention goes to my fantastic colleague Tina whose organisation, enthusiasm and nagging is indefatigable and, now, legendary. She has the enviable ability to quietly motivate even the most reluctant participant.
I am really looking forward to visiting the exhibition.
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