Reflections on a job well done ….

Tina, the Highfield teacher leading on our project has written this reflection. Thank you Tina, always a pleasure working with you!

2015 Team (1)As I look back over the last amazing 10 weeks with the Ashmolean I marvel at what we have achieved! Staff and pupils have all learnt new skills. There has been a real sense of teamwork and sharing as pupils have taught staff new techniques for their arts award. Most pupils have managed to submit a portfolio for an Arts Award which is a fantastic result.
We have had amazing people in to support us, all brilliantly organised by Nicola. Special thanks to Kerry, Catriona, Isobel, Arne, Angus and Kate who planned sessions meticulously so that we were all able to participate and enjoy.
Stuart and the young people have enjoyed creating a rap song on Mademoiselle Claus and the Highfield staff have supported, cajoled, taken part, had fun! We have all looked forward to Thursday afternoons

Above all I feel that we have had a lot of laughter. We’ve learnt an astonishing amount about Manet and discovered skills and techniques along the way that we will use again. I have surprised myself by learning new stuff in animation and jewellery making and am personally proud of the bracelet that I made. (Thanks to one of the pupils who taught it me for her skills share- I was a bit slow but I was able to follow her instructions!)
Some of our student’s personal highlights:

web elephant“ I most enjoyed making the canvas of a modern day figure and drawing and animating an elephant”,

“ The most interesting session had to be “ Meet the sitter” when I learnt how taking picturesto play the violin “


arne and isabel playing“ I think the musicians did a terrific job. It sounded incredible for an impromptu session! It was inspiring!”

“ I really enjoyed learning about the way paint was made using just three canvas geoingredients and reflecting on how much this simple compound has evolved into an array of endless shades and colours.”

“It was great fun creating the rap! “

Thank you to everyone who worked on this project. It’s been truly inspiring. I am already looking forward to the exhibition in June.


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