Workshops: Week 5

So, this week was our final week of workshops with everyone and as we worked it felt really sad that the regularity of a Tuesday and Friday creative morning, with smiles and new friendships, was coming to an end.


Choosing the poetry text


Working on the composition

Our focus was to combine the work undertaken in the previous weeks into the ‘layers’ needed for the final film. With this in mind, and helped by Tess and Emma from OYAP, we looked again at  each person’s collage of an interior, considered again the view we might have from our balconies and imagined ourselves sitting in the middle, on the balcony reciting or dreaming the poems we had previously written.

tiff and mario

framing the backdrops

When each person had made specific choices of their balcony, these were then organised collectively into a time line or storyboard to help shape the final film.

There was much to celebrate as we saw it come together as a narrative, with discussion of text, sounds and the overall we wanted for the mood of the final work.

tess and helene

discussing the storyboard

Over another splendid lunch we reviewed our experiences of the previous weeks, the sharing of ideas and thoughts in relation to the painting, and how much we had all gained from time spent together over five weeks at the Ashmolean in the company of Fanny Claus.

Thank-you so much everyone for coming along and being so generous with your thoughts and creativity, and a big thanks to the Ashmolean for making it all work so brilliantly especially Nicola for her great support.  We are really looking forward to seeing everyone again to celebrate the final work!


reviewing the storyboard

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