The Roman teenager who was his mum’s little superhero – Podcast 1

This month’s Latin inscriptions blog comes to you as a short podcast, recorded in the Ashmolean Museum’s beautiful Randolph Gallery. Hear AshLI’s Professor Alison Cooley and Dr Jane Masséglia talking about one of the team’s favourite objects.

Listen to the podcast here

Pacatus 4-faces

Photo © The Ashmolean Museum

The funerary altar of Lucius Marcius Pacatus. AD c.150-200. ANChandler.3.9, on display in the Ashmolean’s Randolph Gallery. White marble, H. 41.5cm, W. 27.2cm, D. 20.8cm.



d(is) m(anibus) L(ucio) Marcio / Pacato filio d/ulcissimo / fecit Ro/dope ma/ter in/[f]eli/cissima / qui vi(xi)t annos / XV m(enses) VIIII d(ies) VIIII

 English translation:

‘To the departed spirits. Rodope, unhappiest mother did this for Lucius Marcius Pacatus, sweetest son, who lived 15 years, 9 months, 9 days.’


A more detailed discussion of the altar, with full bibliographic references, will appear in the new catalogue of the Ashmolean Latin Inscriptions, which will be freely available online before 2016.

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