Introducing the Web Catalogue

Today AshLI launches its online catalogue. It makes all 460 of the project’s inscriptions available to explore for free, with images, summaries, translations and detailed commentary for each. You can browse by topic or search in more detail. Many of our most difficult to read inscriptions have RTI images, that allow you to view the objects in all kinds of light, by dragging the light source around within your browser window. Others feature audio recordings with additional information and you can even listen to the sound of our real Roman panpipes being played

The website also features worksheets and toolkits for educators to replicate our activities. The Ashmolean Education team will continue to offer Latin Adventure and self-guided AshLi materials for schools that visit the museum.

After 5 years the Ashmolean Latin Inscriptions project is coming to an end. We have made plenty of new discoveries. We have staged a Roman funeral and been pelted with polystyrene sling bullets. We’ve installed new displays and shared our love of inscriptions with diverse audiences.

While the active phase of the project is now over, this means that you can now enjoy the fruits of our labour! Many thanks to everyone who has worked on our project over the years and all the people who have participated in our events and engaged with us online. 

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