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There is a feel of anticipation in the air as we at The Ashmolean CREATIVES  young people’s panel work together towards  the next exciting Live Friday on 3rd March!


At this point, we have narrowed down the activities we want to run. There will be three separate activities on offer:  Add Colour to the High Street, Spot the Difference (harder than you might think!) and of course costumes to Put Yourself in the Picture. All of these will help visitors to get connected with Turner’s painting.

whole team planning1Today’s meeting was a matter of organisation,organisation and organisation. We went to the gallery to figure out the layout of the spaces we are working with. We discussed which activity should go where and started deciding who should do what. We reached some good decisions  and realised that although we have made plans  we may also have to improvise on the night.

object handling1

At the end of our session, we took some time  to handle some of the Museum’s ancient Athenian pottery from about 400BC.  It felt lighter and smoother than we thought it would. Lots of members of the group are studying history so it was fascinating to see and handle the everyday items of a forgotten age.




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