Behind the scenes of another Museum…

Our final meeting of the year was a visit to meet the young people’s panel at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History.  We handled amazing objects including an elephant’s tooth, fossilized poo and live cockroaches.

A special highlight of the trip was a visit to the spirit store where we saw rare specimens which have been preserved for many years in liquid.

Upstairs in the Museum, we visited an exhibition all about the human brain from birth to death and how it changes through that time period, which the youth panel had been involved in creating and had written one of the text panels.

It was interesting meeting the Natural History Museum’s Panel as their activities are based around science whereas ours are based around arts. We look forward to welcoming them back to The Ashmolean for them to see what we are contributing at our museum.

To end the day, we went on a training course to become Oxford University Museum volunteers. Doing this course is really helpful for us as we can become more experienced in working with members of the public. – Immie

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