Planning art workshops

Our meeting this week involved planning  some creative art workshops which we will be running on Saturday 2nd December for young people aged 16-18. We worked in small groups to plan practical aspects such as timings, materials, costs, the theme and content of the workshops to create a brief for the artist. We will be working with Ellen Love  to learn about the printmaking process of intaglio collograph. Come along and experiment with paper folding, ripping, refined knife cutting and textural layering to prepare a printing plate and create A4 work to take away.

If you would like to come to one of our FREE  art workshops on Saturday December 2017 at 10-12 or 1-3pm, please email

We finished with an object handling session for us all. Objects included ancient Greek and Roman pottery, thousands of years old and found out how flint axes were made and used. It was amazing to handle them for ourselves.




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