The Team

Aimée Payton:  Collections Access Officer

My role on this project is to curate the two exhibitions, with the expert support of Sam who knows the County Council collections like the back of her hand.  I will be working with the designer to pull together all of my ideas about the hats and shoes we have in the Oxfordshire.  And I will be feeding ideas into the community sessions which are being run by Museum Education teams across the county.

Jessica Suess: Museums Partnership Assistant

My job entails assisting with anything and everything to do with the new Museums Partnership between the Oxford University Museums and the Oxfordshire Council Museums.  As our first partnership venture the Accessories Project is not only an exciting opportunity to bring together collections and expertise from across the county, but a means of developing new ways of working together.  I also have a keen interest in communications and community engagement, so involvement in the project is also an excellent opportunity for personal development.

Sam van de Geer : Organic Object Conservator.

My main roles for this project are; to work on getting museum objects onto the Oxfordshire County Council Heritage Search; surveying museum collections in oxfordshire with the help of Aimee and Jess; arranging training for the Oxfordshire and BOB region; and conserving objects ready for the main exhibition which will be displayed at The Oxfordshire Museum, Woodstock June 2012. There is also the potential for a website of the project which was not part of the original brief but we are passionate about and what to deliver.