First Student Creative Board Event

The Pharaoh’s Bucket List

In October 2015, the Student Creative Board ran its first workshop at the Halloween-themed DEADFriday event. Set in the ‘Egypt at its Origins’ gallery, the Pharaoh’s Bucket List game encouraged participants to dress up in Ancient Egyptian inspired clothing from the Board’s dressing up box and take a selfie with the object from the gallery that they would take to the afterlife. The selfies, posted on Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #DEADFriday, popped up on the Student Board’s big screen. The photo challenge inspired some very creative responses, with participants saying that they would take everything from the colossal statue of Min to a model cat to the afterlife! A prize was awarded for the best selfie. The aim was to engage with a student audience, but people of all ages enjoyed taking part! The Student Board also had a great time dressing up and meeting the public.

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