The Student Creative Board Goes Potty!

By Abbey Ellis

On February 9th, the Student Creative Board welcomed 28 eager participants to the Ashmolean for a clay workshop. Master potter Charlie Clarke from Little Earthquake Pots was on hand to guide students through the process of making a coil pot using air-drying clay.

Charlie demonstrated the process of rolling out clay “sausages” and stacking them one on top of the other to gradually build up the sides of the pot. Students were also shown how to fix the coils together securely using the score and slip technique, how to use tools to smooth the edges of the pot, and how to create different textures.

The participants were then given free reign to get creative, and some very innovative pieces resulted. One student carefully constructed a heart-shaped vessel for holding jewellery, and others turned their clay into elaborate pieces of sculpture.

Classical Archaeology student Jessica Ellis, who attended the class, said: “I had a great time at the clay workshop, it was a really unique opportunity and a chance to do something creative for an afternoon!”

A big thank you goes out to our fabulous instructor, Charlie Clarke, for running a fun and informative session. You can see more of Charlie’s work on her blog:

Thanks also to the Student Creative Board Photographer, Steve Lawson, for his images. Visit Steve’s website here:

Click to the Student Creative Board Facebook page to see more pictures from the event:

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